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Instant Chime for Microsoft S4B®

IM enable your internal and/or external service desks with Instant Chime to extend the value of your Microsoft Skype for Business® investment and connect employees, customers, and agents in real-time.

High Level Demo and Presentation


After a customer clicks a button on a web page, Chime will launch a new window that will connect that customer with an agent. A live chat session between the customer and the agent using S4B will begin, enabling the guest to get immediate help.



Agents can quickly and easily accept an inbound chat just by clicking on a toast notification. When connected, the agent will see a host of information about the inbound guest. The agent also has access to any canned/standard replies that have been created. Agents can send and receive files.


Those designated as managers and admins have a host of elevated abilities. These abilities include monitoring ongoing chats, looking at charts and statistics, generating reports, and much more.




Chime integrates with your existing systems allowing you to extract more value out of your infrastructure investments. With Chime you own both the application and the data. Chime pricing is based on a per-queue model according to the number of agents you can invite into a session for support. With other solutions typically priced based on a per agent/per year annual fee, costs can mount quickly. Our sliding scale supports an ROI based on increased agent productivity and leveraging your existing IM and UC platform investment.

Instant Chime Features

Enterprise Alerts

Chime allows the ability to send out S4B alerts to designated people or groups in an organization. Quickly let everyone in your organization know something without being capped at the built-in 250 maximum of S4B or relying on email.


Have a server down? With Chime, you can quickly create an outage that will be displayed to every inbound guest who starts a chat. This will help deflect any inbound traffic that might be related. An alert can also create an outage, allowing you to proactively notify people of the outage right through S4B.


Designed for the enterprise, Chime has the ability to integrate with several platforms via 'virtual agents.' These platforms include SMTP (email), Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, and Alchemy.


The entire Chime app now has the ability to be translated into another language. Each guest and user can set their own language preference from a list of languages in the footer. Currently, we support English, German, Spanish, French, and Finnish.

Configurable Web Client

Features such as agent picture, logo, or form fields would be configurable in the app UI. Ability to have multiple web clients on the same Chime server