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Instant Chime

IM enable your internal and/or external service desks with Chime to extend the value of your Microsoft Skype for Business® investment. After over 15 years of developing IM-based chat solutions for large enterprise help desk and service centers, we built Instant Chime to meet the scalability, expert routing and integration needs of today‚Äôs social enterprise.

About Instant Technologies

Founded in 2002 by several former IBM employees, Instant Technologies develops social applications for the enterprise including compliance and productivity solutions for the IBM Lotus Sametime and the Microsoft UC platforms. Instant Technologies believes that enterprise IM and presence platforms represent a valuable business asset.

Our products include the first application to integrate Lotus Sametime with Microsoft Outlook (2002), a bot development and deployment platform (2003), and other Sametime and Microsoft OCS based applications. In 2005, Instant expanded the product line to include Microsoft LCS based applications and has continued to develop a variety of applications for the Microsoft LCS and OCS product platforms. Our IM archiving applications, queue manager, and persistent chat rooms are deployed across some of the leading defense and financial service organizations in the world.

Instant Technologies is a Lotus Advanced Business Partner and a Microsoft Registered Partner headquartered in Portsmouth, NH.

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